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  • Integrative Health

    Integrative health is an individualized, client-centered model which promotes optimal health and wellness by combining a whole person approach with evidence-based strategies to change lifestyle behaviors and reduce disease risk.

    As a holistic provider, I collaborate with your team of medical professionals to identify the underlying causes of anxiety and depression. The goal is to rule out any biological or organic factors which may be contributing to the symptoms you are experiencing. Often what you may be experiencing isn’t solely psychological and it is important to remember that the mind and body connection is vital in achieving overall well-being.

    Integrative health relies upon evidence-based, safe, healing approaches, along with valid principles of lifestyle or preventive medicine drawing from a variety of traditions such as naturopathic medicine, chiropractic, Ayurveda, and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Integrative health is a process on a continuum, starting with self-initiated care and behavior change, moving from least invasive interventions to more invasive methods as a last resort.

    Overall, integrative health is a relational approach used to collaborate with clients to empower and support them in achieving their personal goals related to optimal health and wellness focusing on lifestyle changes, nutrition, mindfulness, and the wheel of health. It is a collaboration of professional and self-care techniques.